IFRS for SMEs practical training

IFRS for SMEs is simplified alternative for small and medium sized enterprises since irrelevant topics are omitted and number of disclosures reduced. IFRS for SMEs is mandatory in EU and becomes compulsory in Georgia for tier 2 and tier 3 companies starting October 1st, 2019.

Technical details of IFRS For SMEs practical trainings

  • Intensive 5 week training consists of 15 lectures (40 hours)

  • Training covers all 35 modules and includes time after each session for Q&A

  • Study material in Georgian and relevant case studies for Georgian companies will help maximize productivity and integrity of participants.

  • Upon completion of training participants will have knowledge of IFRS for SMEs standard and will also receive certificates of participation.

If you are……. then this training is for you.

  • accountant in small or medium enterprise

  • working in audit firm

  • Revenue service consultant

  • or just want to develop your skills in finance or accounting fields