IRAKLI SARAVA   Founder & Managing Partner


Founder & Managing Partner

irakli sarava

Mr. Sarava has more than 10 years of progressive experience in the financial services industry working for multinational banks and insurance companies across Europe and Middle East Region. During his career, he has worked in a variety of roles including sales, project management, business development, data analytics & reporting, strategy and transformation for retail as well as group business. Over 6 years of his career, he has been mastering McKinsey Lean Management principles for sales as well as operations, which lead to improvements in individual productivity, process efficiency, quality of business, top-line and bottom-line savings.




GEORGE Pertenava

Dr. Pertenava is New York based entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in wide variety of businesses, starting from education and child care to manufacturing of environmental friendly products and business consulting:

2005 - Co-founder and partner of Atlantic Express, LLC

2007/15 - Ladybug Family, Inc [Located in Brooklyn]

2015 - Ladybug Playgroup, Inc

2017 - Flexerpac Packing Solutions, Inc.

2018 - Capstone Prime Group, Inc.

In addition to his successful entrepreneurial career Dr. Pertenava holds Master’s Degree in Medical Science, from Tbilisi State Medical University.