Our Services


Investment consulting

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Our strategic relationships with investors worldwide enable us to provide investment consulting services to Georgian companies and foreign investors who want to invest in Georgia’s business sector. Our advice addresses the specific issues and processes according to the client’s needs whether they are mid-cap companies, private equity investors, bankers or high net worth individuals. 

Our services in this sector include:

  • Investment services – fund raising and allocation, share acquisition and buyback operations (MBO, LBO), securities issuance (bonds/shares), corporate restructuring and reorganization.

  • Consulting services – an in-depth analysis of the company, market research, strategic planning, risk management and business plan development. 

  • Mergers and acquisition (M&A) – evaluating a company based on following valuation techniques: comparable company analysis (COMPS), discounted cash flow analysis (DCF), Precedent Transaction analysis (M&A Comps), Leveraged Buyout analysis.


Business plan development

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The development of a business plan relies on the effectiveness of collaboration between clients and us. We create business plans for both start-ups and existing companies that guide their operations and help them achieve strategic balance. We believe that collaboration from the idea generation phase to the execution phase is essential when developing business plans. Therefore, our team develops customized business plans that are unique to every company. 

The range of services in this section:

  • Market research includes: industry-specific analysis, competition analysis, SWOT & PEST analysis

  • Background information about your company and product/service will enable us to develop proper corporate governance and distribution strategies, and conduct feasibility studies.

  • Marketing strategy includes: identifying value-creating factors of product/service, determining various customer segments and managing different strategies for each of them, and implementing customer relationship management (CRM) practices to manage company’s interaction with current and potential customers.

  • Financial Plan and Strategy development includes identifying key indicators of financial performance for the company, conducting different valuation methods (DCF, DDM, COMPS, etc.) based on different scenarios, calculating internal rate of return (IRR), determining capital


Strategy consulting

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There are few bad businesses but many bad strategies. Capstone Prime Group helps you build lasting capabilities into your team and helps your organization mobilize for change. Developing customer insights, gaining company-specific knowledge and conducting market research enables us to draw a big picture that is essential to make proper strategic initiatives. Our team has demonstrated success in initiating solutions that have helped companies develop and execute winning strategies that create more value in their business.

We work collaboratively with you, so you can:

  • achieve consistent long-term growth by developing a corporate strategy that produces sustainable value, one that enables you to reach full potential in your core business.

  • combine synergies and develop a competitive advantage to enter the new markets and uncover new opportunities

  • leverage resources and develop digital strategies that take into consideration technological forces affecting your business

  • implement indicators in the business processes to measure the rate of success and performance of your business


Management consulting/Lean transformation

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When old ways of doing things don’t work, companies try to change their business model and adopt new principles and practices that will change organizational behavior and will enable them to learn a better way to do things. To transform the way people think and behave within an organization to be more of problem-solving mindset is not easy task and varies from industry to industry, company to company, person to person. It requires, investment and a belief that we can make thinks better. The lean transformation model (LTM) is a simple, but profound guide to starting and carrying out a change initiative. Enterprise transformation is the process of an organization shifting its business model to a desired future state. Lean transformation requires learning a new way of thinking and acting, characterized not by implementing a series of steps and solution, but addressing key questions of purpose, process, and people. Lean is a way of seeing the world, which is applicable in virtually any industry. The basic framework of lean transformation model includes following:

  • situational approach

  • process improvement

  • capability development

  • responsible leadership

  • basic thinking, mindset, assumptions

ISO consulting, implementation, certification and training

Capstone Prime Georgia offers ISO consulting services that include identifying which type of certificate your company needs, what benefits and opportunities ISO certificate will uncover for the international and local market, and where one can obtain such certificate

CPG also helps you implement ISO standards in your company by managing company’s operations and staff members according to ISO standards. We also offer private and public training programs that will facilitate the implementation process.

ISO consulting services covers following certificates:

  • quality (ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16945, AS / EN 9100);

  • environmental management (ISO 14001);

  • occupational and labor safety (OHSAS 18001);

  • food safety (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC, HACCP);

  • information security (ISO 27001);

  • social responsibility (SA 8000);

  • energy management (ISO 50001);

  • information technology (ISO 20000 (BS 15000))

  • and many others, including integrated management system (using PAS 99

busines to Busines Consulting

Capstone Prime Georgia helps foreign and local companies capture opportunities in Georgian and international markets. Expanding to a new market requires thorough analysis of business opportunities and risks associated with it. We conduct market analysis for our clients to create an efficient market entry strategy that will mitigate risk and uncertainty. When entering the new market finding a right partner is often decisive in achieving strategic balance. We use our connections worldwide to create synergies between Georgian and international companies that mitigate business risks and bring mutual benefits for both parties.

Market analysis includes:

  • Identifying trends and opportunities in foreign or local market;

  • Studying the competition, pricing and supply chain;

  • Creating effective market entry strategy for the management.

Partner search:

  • Help clients identify right partners;

  • Serve as a intermediary to establish successful cooperation;

  • Prepare the parties in advance for productive and efficacious meetings;

  • Organize Business Missions and Business Workshops.

Business to Business (B2B) deals:

  • Create structure and timeline for negotiations;

  • Implement efficient communication tools;

  • Help in negotiating to deliver win-win outcome for parties.