Capstone Group advises Liberty Bank, 3rd Largest Bank in Georgia

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The Capstone Group (“CG”) has successfully kicked off a high value Consulting Agreement with a the 3rd largest bank in Georgia, Liberty Bank. In the framework of the contract, CG delivered training to a team of 10 top performing employees at Liberty Bank who will then deliver lean training at subsequent levels of the organization (“Lean Team”).

In the framework of the Consulting Agreement, CG is working very closely with C-level executives and is coaching them on Lean practices. CG trained Lean Team on Lean Methodology and developed skills set necessary for using lean methodology in practice. Service process entailed training program, seminars and workshops. Further to completing theoretical training and practical exercises, CG together with the Lean Team has moved on to the stage of project implementation of two parallel projects in order to ensure that knowledge acquired through training sessions is successfully put to practice by the Lean Team.

In parallel to the above, CG has been also involved in redesign of frontline performance management system and in supporting restructuring of organizational set-up as well as organization’s target operational model.  Liberty Bank has expressed its positive experience with CG has that has been of mutual benefit to respective businesses and has recommended CG as a reliable and responsible partner and expert in their field.

CG’s team was led by its Founder and Managing Partner Irakli Sarava and assisted by CG Associate, Nino Mebonia. In CG’s statement, Irakli Sarava said: “We are thrilled to be advising Liberty Bank. We have had a productive couple of months and changes implemented will have long term affect in increasing efficiency of the bank”.

With the purpose of engaging international partners, CG involved Brad Schmidt President of Makoto Investments, CG’s Japanese partner, to deliver a certified Lean training course to  the Lean Team. The course was specifically tailored to the client’s needs and certificates of completion have been given out to course graduates.