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Advising Investors and Startups

Investors and Startups

With the fast-paced advances in technology, we witness an upsurge in the number of startups emerging across number of industries. Only one percent of startups manage to achieve the status of high growth startups. Qualified expert advice received at an early stage is one of the main factors that determines success or a failure of a particular startup. With increasing number of choices and businesses to invest in, determining what makes a viable investment is becoming increasingly difficult. We aim to facilitate generation of both private and commercial interest towards ecosystem of startups in Georgia. We assist Georgian startups at all stages of their journey, from developing ideas initially and creating a viable business model to successfully pitching an idea to potential investors. We act as a negotiator between potential local and international investors and startups. We provide customer focused innovative investment and advisory service tailored to the needs of a particular client whether this is an investor, startup looking for funds or existing business looking to expand. We also provide introductions between local and international investors with a view to sharing experience, best practices, and expertise.

Capabilities :

  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Market Research
  • Investment Advice for investors/startups/existing businesses
  • Fundraising Advice
  • Assessment of Investment markets
  • Go to Market Strategy